Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 1... Just Arrived

Today was a pretty incredible first day at the State House. Highlights include: a Patrick Leahy siting within the first hour, a great commemoration of Roe v. Wade on the House floor, and an inspiring meeting focusing on the new Farm to Plate Initiative (which was backed by Rural Vermont.) The Farm to Plate Initiative is a comprehensive strategic plan for improving the state's engagement agriculture (in the economy, in academic institutions, in public and private sectors.) Ideas about correction facilities growing their own food and programs for agricultural training in high school got me thinking about all the ways that farming not only is a social justice issue, but can in itself inspire social justice!
The State House is immaculate and beautiful. The whole place is buzzing with energy. During one meeting, the democratic caucus this afternoon, one representative referred to the State House as a family... later in a small meeting we had cake for the Ag chair's birthday. Oh, Vermont.
Tomorrow, I will try to catch up on the many bills that have been introduced so far this session and then spend some time at a committee meeting on the poultry bill. Just another day at the office...

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